Scribbles on the Page

Welcome to the disembodied ramblings of a stark raving mad lunatic (oxymoron? double negative? you be the judge). Over time, these pages will take form as I add to them, mostly in the form of an e-zine which has been many years in the works. If anyone is interested, perhaps I'll write a short history, when I'm feeling egotistical (which is quite often when I write--but one must have quite an ego to think that one's words are worth anyone else's time and effort to read and comprehend).

Some points of interest so far:

Anyhow, enjoy, come back from time to time to see what other craziness I can come up with. In the end this will be a full blown e-zine. If you feel inspired to contribute, let me know what you are interested in writing about. In fact I encourage people to contribute there thoughts, no matter how off the wall. Remember tho two rules. The first is simple, don't send anything to me until you have asked (via email) and two, I do not have to post everything that I get. This is not a full time job (yet), so may not always have as much time to put into it as I would like, it will be rough.

As I said, enjoy and thanks for stopping by.