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Vampire Kitty
'... as far as I'm concerned someone like, say, the Butthole Surfers
are as much "world music" as whatever people pigeonhole as "world music"
-- the Bhundu Boys, or whoever. It's all simply good, or bad, or exciting,
or not exciting.'

--- John Peel, DJ from John Peel: A Life in Music

Greetings and welcome to the Expatriate Embassy Radio broadcasts. Currently there is only one feed, Ayche's Demolished Sanctuary (see below). Other possible feeds are being considered.

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Ayche's Demolished Sanctuary:

A show of eclectic and obscure music featuring: old school punk rock, new wave, blues, classic rock, techno, industrial, gothic, classical, and whatever the hell else I feel like playing. The main format is inspired in large part by the original Demolished Sanctuary created by my friend Ayche. Ayche had a radio program on WRUW in Cleveland. Currently, this particular show will be broadcast once a month, perhaps more often, depending on how much new music I can find that fits the feel. There really is no format, perhaps themes, but thats about it.

Email requests to: demolished.sanctuary@gmail.com


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Episode 1: In the Beginning....

Episode 2: And So Forth

Episode 3: Once More Into the Breach

Episode 4: St. Patrick's Day Special

Episode 5: Quiet Reflections

Episode 6: Short, Loud and Obnoxious (maybe)

Episode 7: He's Back!

Episode 8: And He's Just a Bit Pissed Off