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This is a list of people affiliated with CW in some way - it's not an exhaustive list but only includes people who have home-pages. Also, some of these people are rarely seen in the Club - but that's where i met them BoB-dammit! So just stick that in your pipe and SMOKE IT!!

NOTE: CW like a few other decent chat-rooms has gone the way of the do-do bird - but many of the last hold-outs migrated to Spacebar. I understand the same happened to Vrave as well. Alas poor CW, I knew you well. If I can find it, I will post my Requiem for CW. Further Note: some of these links are no longer valid but I have no idea which ones and I'm not about to check right now. I'm too busy slacking off. In the future, I will probably start adding more people to the list, but these won't be the old CW'ers but newer S-B people who are cool.

Special note for all you listed here, this list is in no particular order whatsoever, and for right now, I ain't going back through to reorganize it. If you think there is someone who should be here, then mail me and tell me who it is. I have checked and as far as I can tell all the links are up to date as of 08/04/98. If you see your name on here and want to me to put a link to a page or something, again mail me (don't bother asking me in the chat-room because I'll probably forget). I would also like to thank Shiva, keeper of the archives, for her assistance in redoing this webpage.
Torey (tllightcap)
Doug (wildwest)
Leesa (ratgrrl)
Lisa (clannad)
Mike (mrobbins)
Kim (leia)
Ren (wizart)
Stephanie (janbrady)
Kelly (kellysuzanne)
Kierra (kierra/Lady Kierra)
Kristine (kristineb)
Gian (intoxicus)
Jaimi (jaimi/Starqueen)
Brendan (crunchyfrogg)
Raul (rcool)
Breck (brid)
Judi (tenter)
Andi (andimaniac)
James (ledzeppelin)
Megan (alternagirl)
Shawn (shawnre)
Michelle (yavol)
Nancy (mizbee)
Debbie (debbiesc)
Clo and Rod (munt and ramgfx)
Kat (kat89)
Aisha (beautiful)
Laura (shivathecat)
Sebastian (sfortier)
Xavier (xa4)
Sami (jaris)
Barbara (aliceddywest)
Howard (nyranger)
Danielle (mistressd)
Bob (kelb)
Paul Montgomery (m0nty)
Paul (rama2)
Karl (kwarwick)
Mark (hophead)
Laticia (unfknblvble)
Tony (cocacola)
Daniel (myfuneral)
Harold (hfreshour/H!)
Jamie (jamtz)
Eldon (blueyes)
Steve (mordakai)
Jen (napkin)
Craig (gimboid/haggis)
Tara (brunhilde)
Tom (tomau)
Dominic (cottontail) Vicky (falicia) Dave(dknerler)
Lyn(ondine/lyn) Ray(evilray) Frank(oyharcabal/franky)
Annette(mercyan) Al(ahunter) Kathy(blackqueen)
Kathy 2(pres2024) Mark(legba) Catherine(catherinef)
Aisling(aislingc) Richard(polanski) Jon(jonad)


This is a list of those who are MIA or have not been seen in a long time. Some may have been lost when HW made the switch to its new and improved (yuckyuck) Javachat room back in June of '96. That was a black day for us all I think. Some people never noticed and kept right on going to what they perceived to be Club Wired but was in fact the new room while others kept merrily chatting along in the old telechat room. Some of them merely moved on to bigger and better things, or graduated uni and lost their net access, or whatever. So without further ado:

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