The Yost Family Album
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William Henry Yost - date unknown

The Yost Brothers: from left to right - John C. Yost, Dallas Yost, William Henry Yost and Amos S. Yost

Grace Adele Yost, oldest child of William Henry Yost and Mary Elizabeth McDonald Yost, and one of her sisters.

Elsie Mae Yost, daughter of William Henry Yost and Mary Elizabeth McDonald Yost Ė June 15, 1929

William Henry Yost (left) and his partner in Yost & Herrel
outside their business

Cephus W. Bensonís house on Old River Road between Bladensburg and Kenilworth, MD. The house was standing in good repair in 1942. Cephus Benson was the father of Mary Elizabeth Benson Yost.

Mary Selena Chambers McDonald, born in Dublin, Maryland and mother of Mary Elizabeth McDonald Yost


Left: The Yost House at 1002 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington D.C., now headquarters of the Capitol Hill Preservation Society. Above: Plaque marking the Yost House as a historic structure, dedicated October 19, 1980. To this day the phone at the Yost House has itís original number, Lincoln 3-0425, one of the first installed in Washington.