The Plantagenet family is without a doubt one of the more interesting families of Europe from the period. Descended in the male line from the Visounts of Orleans and Counts of Gatinais of the 7th and 8th centuries, they become the ruling family of England for over three hundred years through the marriage of Geoffrey Plantagenet to Matilda, the daughter of Henry I and grand daughter of William the Conqueror.

In one story, mentioned by Timothy Baker, one of the Counts had brought home a strange bride who was reported to rarely attend mass and when she did, left before the consecration. When four knights stood on her cloak to detain her, she tore free and broke through a window to escape. As a result she was reputed to have been Melusine, Satan’s daughter. This story is often used as an explanation for the quick tempers and violent rages of many of the Plnatagenet Kings. So much so that Richard I (The Lionhearted) is reputed to have said that it was no wonder that sons of such stock should fight among themselves. Baker does not give the name of the angevin Count of the story, but one has to wonder, based on the similarity of names whether it referred to Fulk V who was married to Melesend, Queen of Jerusalem. If such was the case, the lady in question would have had no influence on the matter since Geoffrey’s mother was in fact Falk V’s first wife, Ermangarde du Maine.

I have not attempted to document the full Plantagenet line which, is already well covered elsewhere, but limited myself to the lineage that connects to my own ancestors, the Saint-Amand family.  The following sources where the basis for much of the material on the Plantagenet ancestors contained on this page.  They also provide a great deal of information about the more well known Plantagenet descendants, namely the ones who ruled England for over 300 years.


The Plantagenets by Timothy Baker (From The Great Dynastys, Windward Books)
Royal Genealogy :
Plantagenet - England – Genealogy:


Finally for a treatise on the Plantagenets a bit on the "lighter" side, try: As the Plantagenet Turns, by Robert Hole Jr.

Patrick Daspit

Geoffrey of ORLEANS

Born: 825 in Orleans, FranceMarried ______

  1. Aubri "Dux", Viscount Of Orleans

Aubri "Dux", Viscount Of Orleans

Born: Abt 850 in Orleans, France
Died: Aft 886 Married: ______

  1. Geoffrey

Geoffrey, Viscount Of Orleans & Count of Gatinai

Born: 875 in Orleans, France
Died: Aft 942 Married ______

  1. Aubri, Count Of Gatinais


Aubri, Count Of Gatinais

Born: Abt 900 in Gatinais, France
Died: Aft 966 Married ______

  1. Geoffrey
Geoffrey Count Of Gatinais

Died: Aft 987 Married: ______

  1. Aubri
Aubri, Count Of Gatinais

Born: 950 in Gatinais, France
Died: Aft 990

    1. Geoffrey

Geoffrey I de Gastinois

Born: Abt 970 in Gastinois, France
Died: 1000

Married: Beatrice Macon sometime before 999 in France. Beatrice was born about 974 in Macon, Seine-Et-Loire, daughter of Alberic II and Ermentrude Roucy

    1. Geoffrey

Geoffrey II de Gastinois

Born: ______
Died: ______
Married: Ernmengarde d’Anjou Father: Foulques III "Le Noir", Count Of Anjou Mother: Hildegarde

    1. Falk IV
    2. Geoffroy III, "le Barbu", Count Of Anjou Born: Abt 1039 in Anjou, France Died: 1096-1097
    3. Hildegarde De Gastinois Born: Abt 1041 in Courtenay, Loiret, France; Married Josceline De Courtenay (1060 in Courtenay, Loiret, France)
In some sources Geoffrey is also referred to as Geoffrey Ferole of Gastinois.

Falk IV "Rechin", Count Of Anjou

Born: 1043 in Anjou, France
Died: April 14, 1109 in Anjou, France
Married: Bertrade de Montfort, 1089 in France, daughter of Simon I de Montfort and Agnes Evereux

    1. Falk V
Many of the Plantagenet ancestors had reputations for being cruel, drunken lechers as well as literate. Falk Rechin, "The Rude" or "The Quarrelsome" was both. He is rumored to have written France’s first lay history.

Fulk V the younger of Anjou, Count of Anjou

Born: 1092 in Anjou,France
Died: November 10, 1143 in Jerusalem, Israel

Married: Ermengarde du Maine on July 11, 1110 in France daughter of Hellas of Maine, Count of Maine and Agnes of Aquitaine

    1. Mathilde D’ Anjou, Duchess of Normandy Born: 1104 in Angers, Maine-et-Loire, France (aka Isabella according to some sources)
    2. Sibilla D’ Anjou Born: 1105 in Anjou, France Died: 1165-1167
    3. Elias D’ Anjou, Count Du Maine Born: 1111 in Anjou, France Died: January 15, 1150/51 in St Serge Abbey, Angers, Anjou, France
    4. Geoffrey Plantagenet
Married to Melesend, Queen of Jerusalem
    1. Baldwin III of Jerusalem, King of Jerusalem
    2. Amalric I of Jerusalem, King of Jerusalem
Fulk (or Falk) V became King of Jerusalem 1131 on the death of his 2nd Father-in-Law.

Geoffrey Plantagenet

Born: August 24, 1113 in Anjou, France
Died: September 07, 1151 in Chateau, Eure-et-Loire, France

1. Married ______

    1. Emma Plantagenet
    2. Mary of Shaftesbury, Abbess of Shaftesbury
2. Married 22 MAY 1128, Le Mans Cathedral, Anjou to , Matilda the Empress, Queen of England, daughter of Henry ! and Granddaughter of William the Conqueror.
    1. Henry II, King of England, b. 25 MAR 1133
    2. Geoffrey VI of Anjou, Count of Nantes & Anjou, b. 1 JUN 1134
    3. William, Count of Poitou, b. 1136
Mistress: Adelaide of Angers
    1. Hameline Plantagenet

Hameline Plantagenet

Born: 1130 in Normandy, France
Died: April 1202 in England
Married: Isabel de Warren Married: April 1164 in East Surrey, England; daughter of William de Warren and Adela

    1. Isabelle Plantagenet, married Roger Bigod - SEE BIGOD LINEAGE
    2. Jeffrey Warren
    3. Adela Plantagenet
    4. Maud Plantagenet
    5. William Plantagenet
    6. Margaret Plantagenet