Credits and Thanks

Special thanks go to the following people who contributed in various ways. Mark Daspit & David Daspit are the ones who came up with the idea originally and provided the spark to get things going. David has also contributed significantly to the WEB page design.   Many individuals have made contributions in the way of research and/or information which either made the Coate de France Web Site possible initially or with subsequent contributions.  All of the individuals below, as well as any I may have forgotten (if so please contact me so I can add you to the list), have turned this project into what I originally envisioned, that is, a collaborative effort to compile a complete history of the Daspit family. Others have contributed material or simply by taking an interest include: Margaret C. Daspit, Fran Klos, Kelly Bina Maly.

NOTE: I have included E-Mail links for any of you who have indicated your addresses could be published, if there are others who would like to be contacted by others interested in their research, please let me know by E-Mail and I will ad a link for you.

Patrick Daspit
Whitefish Bay, WI.
August, 1999


Very special credit goes to Matilda of Flanders, my 26th Great Grandmother, who (by some accounts anyway) oversaw the creation of Bayeaux Tapestry, a segment of which provided the background for these pages.