Languedoc et Guienne

Seigneurs D'Aspit, De Valeville, De Bavarlhes et Autres Lieux

"ARMES: D'or … un pin de sinople, et un chefd'azur charg‚ d'un croissant d'argent, accost‚ de deux etoiles d'or. COURONNE: De comte. SUPPORTS: Deux sauvages."


"Two promises in France - of gold, there is a pine tree of green and a heading of blue laden with a crescent of silver accompanied by two stars of gold. Brown of a count supported by two untamed men."

The family Daspit de Saint-Amand is originally from Languedoc, its name in old documents is also spelled D'Aspit, D'Aspy, D'Aspict, D'Espit and D'Espy. The family had kept through all times a distinguished rank among the noble families of the provinces of Guienne and Languedoc.

The Coat of Arms was recorded in the General Armorial of France in 1698 by Bernard Daspit de Saint-Amand.

The following black and white image shows the arms the supports of "two untamed men".   This image was provided by F. Pat Smith of New Orleans and is dedicated to the memory of his cousin, Belle Hotard Butcher and to , Basilise Daspit Hotard, daughter of Pierre Daspit de Saint-Amand and Marie Anne Mayeux.

The following version of the Coat of Arms is one which was used prior to the arms being recorded in General Armorial.


The banner, "Ex Libris Un Peu de Tout" reads "From knowledge, a little of everything".

Although I have obtained copies of several other variations of the Daspit de Saint-Amand Coat of Arms, as well as ones recorded for Despie of St. Lys, Toulouse, most of the pictures are of poor quality and will not scan with any reasonable degree of clarity.  I would be interested in hearing from anyone who might be able to provide a better image of any of these variations so that they could be included here.

Patrick Daspit