Coteau de France

Coteau de France is a WEB site about the Daspit Saint-Amand family, it's history and genealogy. The name derives from the part of Louisiana where Pierre Daspit de Saint Amand's land grant was located, and also the source of much of the history of the family, controversy and legal claims.

The information contained on these pages has been compiled from many sources, many of which are incomplete and conflicting. We ask that any members of the Daspit family (or others) who read these pages and have additional information or information that will resolve some of the many questions to contact us.

It is our hope that as others read these pages and supply additional information and material, this history will become more accurate and complete.

J. Patrick Daspit

Dedicated to the memory of
Mary Daspit Grady
April 19, 1914 - October 9, 1997


This "history" was not so much "written" by me as it was a matter of organizing and editing information from documents in my possession and from various other sources which are referenced throughout. The first part of this history, DASPITS FROM 1300's - 1700's, comes, predominately from a document of unknown origin, of which there are several versions in my possession. One of these versions states that the translation is Courtesy of Dr. G. Lugano, 1646 St. Andrew St., New Orleans (date not known). Judging from other material that accompanies the document, it appears as though it may have been originally in French and the result of inquiries made in France by Vane Daspit concerning the Daspit Family.

Originally, much of the the material in The Daspits From 1030 to 1800's  came predominately from a document titled "Archives Of The Nobility -- Institute Of Heraldry". There seems to be two versions of this document each of which contain material note in the other. The first version was in the possession of my father, I am not sure of the where he obtained it, however it may have come from Vane Daspit who did send him copies of a number documents related to the Daspit family history. The second version was sent to me by Tom G. Daspit of Houma, Louisianna. The document was apparently originally in French, being translated by Dr. G. Lugano, 1646 St. Andrew St., New Orleans (date not known). The version from Tom has a complete title page as follows:

Archives of the Nobility -- Institute of Heraldry
Nobililiar Universel

General Collection
Of The
Historical And True Genealogies
Of The Nobel Families Of Europe
Published By
M. L. Demagny

Sixth Volume
Secretary's Office of the Institute of Heraldry
Rue Sainte -- Anne, 48

Translation Courtesy of Dr. G. Lugano, 1646 St. Andrew St.
New Orleans, Louisiana

Since, and as a result of, "publishing" on the WEB I have been provided a copy of Michael Bergeron's book "Daspit de Saint-Amand - The First 3000 Years".   As a result I have been able to expand considerably with material on the Daspit family in France prior to about 1470.  Most of the material in the Saint-Amand Genealogy  page and in the Saint-Amand Connections page (also with the history Pages) has also come from the Bergeron book.  In addition, Michael's material has provided the base and the encouragement to further research additional lines, the first result of which is The Plantegenet Connection, which is also founf through the Other Connections Page.  As a result I am deeply indebted to Michael and to Jack Keene who sent me a copy of Michael's book.  If anyone reading this has any information on where or how to contact Michael, I would very much appreciate hearing from them.

Ray Olivier has provided additional materials from which I have been able to fill in some of the missing information in the Daspit History as well as adding the Genealogies of the de la Broue, de Marsan and de Mesmes Families as well as the Merovingian Genealogy.

A number of inconsistencies exist and have been identified in the notes. Undoubtedly there are other omissions and inaccuracies. Anyone who has information or sources that will resolve the inconsistencies or fill in incomplete or missing information, is encouraged to contact me.

Please bear in mind that these pages are still "under construction" and will continue to be so as new information about the family is received.

Patrick Daspit - December, 1996; July, 1997; August, 1999